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Moda Modernidad y Consumo Jürgen Habermas

"El ´termino moderno, con un contenido diverso, expresa una y otra vez la conciencia de una época que se relaciona con el pasado, la antigüedad a fon de considerarse así misma como el resultado de una transición de lo antiguo a lo moderno"

Ay Habermas, la verdad ya te extrañaba, últimamente siento que esa parte crítica de mi ha ido en decaimiento por alguna extraña razón. Pero descuida prometo retomarte :D 


Flash is fast

Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know? (x)



"There are things known and things unknown and in between are the doors." -Jim Morrison

Sabrina on Sunday … 16/02/2014

4 Non Blondes - What’s Up   <>

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Pixy Yijun Liao.

Experimental Relationship.

1. Home-made Sushi

2. Mind control is a woman’s essential skill

3. Relationships work best when each partner knows their proper place

4. Intimacy will improve your relantionship

5. Try to live like a pair of siamese twins

6. Get firm grasp of your man

7. How to build a relationship with layered meanings

8. Some words are just between you and me

9. You don’t have to be a boy to be my boyfriend

10. Creating a world just for us

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We dont have WI FI, just talk to each other!


I laugh at this every damn time I see it

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